As members of the Church, Jesus calls us to be disciples. This has astonishing implications:

  • Mature disciples make a conscious decision to follow Jesus, no matter what the cost.
  • Christian disciples experience conversion: life-shaping changes of mind and heart and commit their very selves to the Lord.
  • Christians respond in a particular way to the call to be a disciple. Stewardship has the power to shape and mold our understanding of our lives
  • and the way in which we live.

Jesus’ disciples and Christian stewards recognize God as the origin of life, giver of freedom, and source of all things. We are grateful for the gifts we have received and are eager to use them to show our love for God and for one another. We look to the life and teaching of Jesus for guidance in living as Christian stewards.

In simple, as St. Peter says:  “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Pt 4:10).

“As Christian stewards we are called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others and return them with increase to the Lord” (USSCB)

Parish Stewardship Council helps us to be better Christian Stewards; better disciples of Jesus Christ. The Parish Stewardship Council is one of three major advisory Parish Councils to the Pastor; the other two being the Pastoral Council and the Finance Council.

The Stewardship Council will support the Pastor uniting the Parish community for the common goal of freely giving of our time, talent and treasure to support our parish and community.  The Council will work to educate the Parish in stewardship of treasure and challenge all parishioners to become involved in the various ministries of the parish.

The Council will assist the parish by working to increase financial resources through the establishment of programs and coordinated efforts to raise operating income and capital and thus build a substantial level of financial solvency for the parish. The Council will work as a team to help organize community building events. It is: “To Build Holy Spirit Parish into Loving Community that Invites all to the Compassionate Love of Jesus of which People Yearn to Belong” The Purpose of Stewardship is Giving, not fundraising.

Please join me in congratulating Deacon Pat Goin, Deacon Ed Prisby, Pam Andres,  Renee Bascon, Fred Althoff, Linda Byer, Jennifer Cabrey, Ron & Sandy Coleman, Bob Davis, Alice & John Deleon, Dave & Kathy Garrett, Kathy Lehane, Dr. John Luciano, Jim Davis, Tim & Ann Hergenroether, Ben & Perlita Lipat, Maria Kendrick, Tom Masters, Jerry Robichaud, Leo Schotter, Fred Madeja, John Murnin, Ramon Molano, John Scheeter, Gwen Scott, Vickie Slade, Fred Slayton, Ted Slezak, Ray Stiles, Theresa Wondracek, and Don Zehnder

For more information about Parish Stewardship Council please visit our website.