youth group



(Middle school 6th-8th)

Edge is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program. It provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.


(High school 9th-12th)

As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

What does an EDGE Night look like?

Each month in broken into 4 parts: 2 Catechetical Nights, 1 Social Night, and 1 Issue Night. Each night begins with an introduction, creative games relating to the topic, teachings or videos or skits about the topic, and a prayerful send off. Issue nights are about a common topic kids are struggling with in today’s society. And of course, social nights are extra social!

When Does EDGE meet?

Most Sundays from 12 pm – 2 pm (after the 11 am mass) in the Family Life Center.

What does a LIFE Night look like?

Most nights will begin with an introduction, a game relating to the topic of the night, videos, skits, or a training session, small groups, and our final prayerful send off. There are social nights and issue nights also mixed into the monthly program. We also have opportunities for conferences, camps, and retreats!

When does LIFE TEEN meet?

Most Sundays from 5 pm – 7 pm in the Family Life Center.



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