HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I pray your week is full of great memories with family and friends.

As we celebrate this time of the year and count the many blessings we have received, my heart is overwhelmed by the love, the support, and the service that has been overflowing from our Parish Family. Last week alone we experienced several blessings; delicious pancake breakfast, campus cleanup and beautification and Saint Vincent de Paul society fund raising concert.

You know, members of SVDP bring the good news of Jesus to the poor. We do that by first taking care of their physical needs whether that is food, rent or clothing, but also by helping them seek a remedy for an unjust situation. To ensure the success of the ministry, Don Zehnder and his team would often have to raise money.

It was and is within this same Christ-like Spirit of serving others, that we had another incredibly successful fund and spirit raising event. Not so much because of the money raised but more so because of those who put together this Concert; not only ensure that money would be raised, but the spirits of those attending would be raised high with joy because of the tremendous service of themselves they provided. Thanks to Susan Riker and her team.

Thanks to the group which cares for the lawns and gardens in the parish.  Last Saturday, they pruned the bushes, pulled the weeds cleaned the gardens, grounds, in and out of the school and the gymnasium. Thanks to all for your efforts to maintain our parish property!

If you’d like to lend a hand with the parish grounds and gardens talk to Jerry Robichaud, Chris Rice or call the parish office.  Your parish grounds look great!

On Sunday, November 17, with the support of the Prayer Blanket Ministry we held our 1st pancake breakfast in the Family Life Center.  We are very grateful to those who volunteered to help serve food and set tables, and to those who showed up to enjoy the pancakes.  It was a great morning and we are glad we were able to share it with you! Many complimented; saying it’s delicious.

Look forward to the next one… third Sunday of each month. Thanks to all the different ministries who graciously make it possible each month.

Similarly, throughout the year we experience countless blessings. So, let us celebrate our Thanksgiving Day with Eucharist. Mass is at 10AM on Thanksgiving Day. Let us pray that we shall always be thankful to God for all his gifts and blessings, which he, each and every day, so lovingly and graciously showers upon each one of us.

Today we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. St. Francis de Sales encourages us to place ourselves under the Kingship of Christ: Bees are restless while they are without a queen. But when their queen is born, they gather round her and follow her desires.

In the same way our senses ceaselessly wander about, drawing our interior self after them, wasting time and creating restlessness and anxiety in us. All shatter the peace that is so necessary for our human spirit.  Our senses and our mind and will are like mystical bees. Until they have a ruler, that is, until they have chosen our Lord for their king, they are restless.

Yet, when we have chosen our Lord for our king, we ought to place ourselves under Him. You know, letting go of our old self may cause us to suffer as our new self in Christ is formed. But Our Lord’s unrivaled mercy opens our hearts, and restores our health through the Holy Spirit, who floods our heart with sacred love.

Remember, wherever Our Lord is the Master, there is peace. To preserve our peace let us have a pure intention of willing God’s glory in all things. Let us do the little we can for that end, and leave to God the care of all the rest. May we have the fidelity to keep ourselves submissive to our King’s desires as the bees do with their queen, so we might begin in this life what, with the help of God’s love, we shall do eternally in Heaven.

Finally, I would like to invite you to our Advent Retreat: “Let Every Heart Prepare”. Please join me to reflect how we can best use our Advent time in preparing our hearts for the coming of the Lord. December 1, 2 & 3 from 7PM to 8:15PM.