It is with great joy and excitement I bring you an update on our Family Life Center. As you may recall we had the official dedication of the facility Sunday, September 16, 2018 less than one year ago. Since that time the facility has been extremely busy with our many ministry meetings and numerous events such as birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, funeral receptions, and many other special occasions. The Knights of Columbus celebrated their 25th anniversary dinner. The St. Vincent de Paul Society held their annual meeting with all North Florida St. Vincent de Paul Societies in attendance. We have received numerous compliments from visitors. All these events have been Holy Spirit sponsored and/or for Holy Spirit parishioners. We have not had any outside events.

We are extremely proud of our facility and very pleased with the many events being held here. We are also thankful for all of you who have been so generous in helping us pay for the building. The total cost of the facility, the construction cost and furniture and fixtures, was slightly over $2,500,000. We have received pledges of $1,583,653 and have received pledge payments thru the month of May in the amount of $1,265,047. There are a number of you who did not make a pledge but are giving to the Family Life Center.

The facility has been a great addition to the Holy Spirit family and will serve the needs of our Parish and the works of our Lord for many years into the future. We are very grateful and thankful for all of you who have made this possible through your Time, Talent, and Treasure.

But you know, we can’t pull this off without your continued support. Whether you give to the church on a regular basis, or just attend on occasion, or new parishioner, we’re asking you to consider contributing to this place of love and life prayerfully. It’s something we need our entire church community’s help with.

Even if you can’t make a large gift, know that every little bit helps. It’s more about coming together as a community united behind a common cause. We hope that you’ll consider making a donation towards paying off the debt.

Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family.

Father Amar