May this present darkness help us to see the presence of the True Light, Jesus Christ, and may our minds and hearts be enlightened, so that we will see what we need to see, do what we need to do and continue to walk in the Light of Christ.

We are all fixed in our attention on COVID – 19. It is shocking to see how the world has changed in a short time. The ‘corona-virus’ global pandemic has affected and disrupted every aspect of our lives.

The governments across the globe continue their struggle to contain the disease. The Church has also taken steps to prevent the disease by promoting self –quarantine, social distancing, and good hygiene.

The Church around the world is proclaiming the message to halt the spread of the corona-virus: nourish your spiritual life with Mass and prayer, but do it from home (we do live stream our Mass every day on Facebook and website). Catholics around the world joined Pope Francis in praying the Rosary on Thursday night to ask God to end COVID – 19. Last Sunday, Pope ventured into deserted Rome to pray at two shrines for the end of corona-virus outbreak

As the situation unfolds, nobody is in a position to tell us what to think and how to feel about this pandemic. But one thing is certain. The entire world is in a teachable moment. There is more solidarity in the world after the outbreak of corona-virus regardless of religion, nation, race, caste, color, and gender.

God uses everything that happens in our lives to teach us. God wants us to experience global solidarity. This is the time to feel solidarity. This is the time to feel someone’s pain and allow that pain to influence us and transform us. God reaches us when we allow suffering to wound us. It is by touching the wounds that we are transformed like St. Thomas the Apostle. Suffering has the potential to bring us together and to force our attention to the suffering of the most vulnerable.

Of course, these are difficult times for all of us. As we monitor through the media, we need to take the matter seriously. We cannot treat the present crisis casually and lightly. However, we should not panic either. We need to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of this illness.

We shall weather the storm together. How? We shall acknowledge our struggle with anxiety and fear. We shall choose to trust in the Lord. We shall spend time with the Lord in prayer, devotion, and reading the Word of God.

We shall combat fear with faith. This is what Maccabeus said to his troops: “They (enemies) come with confidence in their weapons and their boldness, but we trust in the almighty God, who is able to wipe out in one stroke all who invade our land and even the whole world” (2 Mac. 8: 18). In Him is our strength. “Happy the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose confidence is in him!” (Jeremiah 14:7).

This is the moment for us to have an unshakable trust in God. Jesus modeled for us that unwavering trust at the time of his excruciating pain and death on the cross.

What we need to do at this time:

  1. Be proactive: Let us try to be proactive in every way possible by taking necessary measures though we may not like them.  It is our call today to protect ourselves and others.  It is time to be vigilant and diligent in every action of our daily lives.
  2. Build up your own immune system: Our community consists of people of different ages and our immune systems vary. So, it is our personal responsibility to do all what is possible within our limit to build up our immune system by taking supplements, making healthy choices, staying hydrated, and getting enough rest for the body and mind.
  3. Let us pray for one another: Prayer for others and ourselves will certainly help us as people of faith.  It will also build up our spiritual and emotional immunity which is very necessary at this dark time of human history.

I am praying for each of you.  All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Be assured that you are remembered in my daily Mass and prayers.

God Bless!