Happy Thanksgiving!!!  I pray your week is full of great memories with family and friends.

As we celebrate “Thanksgiving Day,” let us remember that it is not a day’s affair, to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November. Actually, for a believer – every day is to be a Thanksgiving Day. It is to be a way of life for a child of God. It should never be for us ‘once in a year matter,’ but a daily sending of our thanks to God.

In order to be thankful, must we be reminded, what to say, every time God gives us those things for which we pray? No! We shouldn’t have to be told to say, ‘Thank you!’ It should come naturally, as an echo when we’re given something great. Thanks, should be like the shadow, which cannot be separated from the gifts and blessings we receive from God or others. Thanks, should always grow like flowers when showered from above and they should always flow like kisses which follow upon love.

Finally, we should remember that “Thanksgiving Day” is the most unique among our feasts & holidays, also in many ways the most religious, not because it is about ‘Turkeys,’ but because it is about ‘Thanksgiving.’ We call ourselves a ‘Eucharistic People.’ Do we know what that means? “Eucharist” is a Greek word, which means “thanksgiving.” So, we are a ‘Thanksgiving People,’ and the main thing for which we come around the table of the Lord is to offer thanksgiving sacrifice to God.

So, let us celebrate our Thanksgiving Day with Eucharist. Let us pray that we shall always be thankful to God for all his gifts and blessings, which he, each and every day, so lovingly and graciously showers upon each one of us. God is always faithful. Great is his love. Amazing is his grace. And we pray fervently, saying – “LORD, I THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULNESS AND LOVE.”

It has been a wonderful year and half here at Holy Spirit, for you have been extraordinarily wonderful and welcoming.

I am giving thanks for the opportunity of serving this community!