How wonderful to be able to live where we live and how we live!

We not only “survived” our “LIFE CHAIN”, but as a community we thrived. Thank you to all who volunteered to come
out and stand on Atlantic Blvd to let the people know that we care for life.

Thank you to all who participated and volunteered to bring about a fantastic celebration of “Rosary Procession” celebrating
the Feast of Our Lady of Rosary. We at Holy Spirit Church are not perfect, but our love is abundant, reverent, and
graced. Last week at the Priests Retreat many priests especially who fill in for me shared with me how we love the poor,
we hunger for the Word, and have been wonderful stewards of our treasures here. Keep up the great work for God.
We also know that we have much to do to build up our church and ministries. I am looking forward to sharing with you
my understanding of stewardship as laid out by the U.S. Catholic Bishops and especially connecting with Salesian Spirituality.
Stewardship truly is a way of life that grows parishes into the image and likeness of Jesus.

In today’s Gospel Jesus challenges us to let go of everything to follow Jesus, who brings true wealth. St. Francis de Sales
speaks similarly: –
To let go of our external possessions means we have to abandon everything into Our Lord’s hands; Then, we must ask
Our Lord for the true love He desires us to have for them. You can possess riches if you merely keep them in your home
and not in your heart. You may take care to increase your wealth and resources provided it is done not only justly, but
also honestly and charitably, and you use them for the honor and glory of God. We must love God first of all, and then
after that, others.

To live Jesus we must also give to Our Lord our imaginary possessions, such as honor, esteem and fame, so that in all
things we seek God’s glory. Our possessions are not our own. God has given them to us to cultivate and wants us to
make them fruitful for the Kingdom on earth. Hence we must take good care of them and use them as God wills.

To be free from our possessions means to cut out all that is superfluous and not of God in our lives. Yet, no one prunes
vines by hacking them with an axe but by cutting them very carefully with a pruning scissors, one shoot at a time. We
must do likewise with ourselves, and take one step at a time. We can’t arrive in a day where we aspire to be.

This holy pursuit of doing God’s will in our lives is a huge undertaking. Still it is not as great as the reward. A generous
person can do anything with the help of the Creator. At every moment give the very heart of your heart to our Savior.
You will see that as this divine Lover takes His place in your heart, the world with all its futile pursuits will leave you,
and you will live joyously in the total and perfect liberty of spirit as a child of God.

Have a Blessed Week!!!

“Great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily.” (Saint Francis de Sales)