Best Wishes: We wish our seminarian Filippo Schiavo many blessings as he goes back to seminary. He has been with us for the past two months for his summer assignment. Now he will be going back to St. John Maria Vianney College Seminary, Miami. He will continue his fourth-year college in Philosophy. On behalf of Holy Spirit family, I wish him all the best and many blessings.

Parochial Vicar: We are overjoyed to announce that Bishop Felipe Estevez sends Fr. Gil Hernandez Pozo to Holy Spirit. Fr. Gil will begin his role as Parochial Vicar at Holy Spirit on July 27, 2020.  Fr. Gil is from Cuba. He is the priest of the Diocese of Santa Clara, Cuba. We are pleased to welcome him to Holy Spirit. Give him a big Holy Spirit welcome at Mass!

What an opportunity? Tell me who isn’t searching for the pearl of great price. Everyone is. We all want a great life. We all want or wanted to get the most out of life. Have any of us found the treasure hidden in a field?

Tell me again; is what we read in the Gospel true? Is it really true? If it is then it is worth more than any pearl. Some of us just stumbled on the treasure too. We were born into a family where we came to know Jesus. Some of us have problem that we have the treasure and think it is scrap! We even give away! Others that they know the pearl is valuable but aren’t willing to sell everything/anything and buy it. It involves a hardship which they don’t want to suffer.

The pearl and the treasure aren’t things! They are a Person. The Person is Jesus Christ. Jesus is real. He has died but has risen from the dead and is among us. We can’t see him with our eyes but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to come into real and vibrant contact with him. It certainly is possible. The first of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom and understanding. Both of these are necessary to know and touch Jesus today.

Jesus offers us his friendship and the person with wisdom and understanding will realize that here lies the great life he has been seeking. After all, if you can’t find a great life in the friendship of your Creator, then where will you find it? Everything comes from him and the happiness, the fulfillment, joy and peace I long for will necessarily be found in him. It makes solid sense to drop everything else and make this friendship the goal of my life.What must you do? Pray earnestly to the Holy Spirit. May he give the supreme gift of wisdom. You will then want to find Jesus in your life. You will make the search your life work. Don’t think you know where he is. He has a habit of springing surprises. You will make the reading of his word and learn more to discover him in the ordinary every day affairs of life. You will experience a great thirst for him and Psalm 63 will become your anthem: “O Lord, you are my God; it is you I seek; for you my body longs and my soul thirsts. Your love is better than life”.